The Truth in Love is a half-hour television program that is part of the evangelistic outreach of the Brown Trail Church of Christ in Bedford, Texas. With help from individual Christians and other churches of Christ, we are currently broadcasting in several television markets in the United States, and all over the world via this website and the Gospel Broadcasting Network.


Jack Orbison was the local preacher for the Birdville Church of Christ in Haltom City, Texas in 1983. As he recalled discussing the possibility of a television program being aired locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, he wrote:

RoyOrbisonThe idea was great, and the motive was noble, but the obstacles were mammoth. The first problem was the time factor. TV time was hard to get and there was a slot open on channel 11, but it would be sold to the first person with the money. By faith, Eddy Parker negotiated a contract with the station for that time slot.
The second major problem was raising the money. Few people had much extra money lying around and of that number fewer still were willing to part with it. The churches of the area already had their work planned for the year and had little room to put a TV program in the their budgets.
But with the diligent work of Christians with a great vision for spreading the gospel, the obstacles would be overcome and “The Truth in Love” would become a reality.

David Roper, the first on-air host of “The Truth in Love,” recalls the beginning of the program this way:

DavidRoperIt was Monday morning, June 27, 1983. The week before, I had directed a week at Camp Rock Creek. The day before we had had our usual busy Sunday at Brown Trail. I sat at my desk brain-dead and bone-weary.
One of the elders came in. “Let”s go to channel 11,” he said. When he saw my blank look, he told about Eddy Parker arranging for a weekly television program. “He asked us to oversee it,” he said, “and it will be your job to produce the programs.” Huh?
The next few weeks are a blur. There were meetings with area elders and preachers to raise support. A hastily gathered group recorded songs to be used. We started taping programs. The first one, with Goebel Music, aired July 10.

Brother Roper mentioned the “hastily gathered group” of singers who recorded songs for those early shows. Note the recollections of Foy Forehand, the man who directed those early recording sessions:

A group to record songs for the intro and the closing for the program was needed. I was tapped to get the singing all together. With the help of brethren in several congregations, we gathered a group to practice and record about 20 songs. Within three days our rewarding work was complete.

The initial work of those willing singers may have been complete, but thanks be to God that the work of “The Truth in Love” was only beginning! We would not be celebrating over 30 years of continual programming were it not for these dedicated Christians who got the program off the ground.

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